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Private Tuition


As an adult, we often reflect on our lives; remembering the good times and the bad. Everyone’s memories are unique to them – remembering former lovers, specific football matches or perhaps a wedding day. It is only natural to think about the times that stand out in your lifetime and wish you could be there again, or feel glad that you have moved on and never need to go through an unpleasant moment again!


Many of us still reflect on our careers and wonder how different things might have become had we taken a different route. This connects our thought processes to our school days: how many people wish that they had paid more attention at school and set themselves up with a different career or employment path?


School days are one of the most memorable periods of your life. For some people, they are the best. With very little responsibility (until the last couple of years), it is a chance to meet some new friends and open your mind up to a different way of thinking. It is a chance to learn about things that blow your mind and recognise skills that we never realised we had.

For others, however, school days are an extremely traumatic period. If you struggled to make friends and ended up on the wrong side of the ‘cool group’ your school days might have been really uncomfortable.


With pressure coming from a variety of sides to succeed (family, teachers, etc), school days can become a nightmare: feeling like we are alone to do our best in subjects that we want to succeed in, but just don’t understand some of the concepts that link thinking to good house roofing you must visit Fortenberry.


Software Gold are a tutor agency who recognise the troubles that young people go through at school. We understand that certain subjects aren’t for everyone, and that some people need extra help with aspects of lessons. We also understand that, for parents, it can be impossible to know where to go to get help from experts who are able to assist your child through their learning journey. When you are able to convince a teacher or tutor to work with your child, it seems to cost an arm and a leg to employ them. So where should you turn?


Software Gold provide the solution for both parent and student. Our agents have become experts at understanding the requirements of each individual learner and their parents. Our tutors cover most subjects in the national curriculum, and work with each family to match learners with tutors all across the UK. Where Software Gold differ from the other tutoring agencies out there, is in price. We appreciate that parents do not like to pay over the odds for tuition – and often cannot afford to do so. Even if you cannot afford for a tutor to come and support your child, our range of video tutorials help your child to understand some of the main concepts associated with their subject, and provide the perfect accessory to learning at school. These tutorials can be purchased as a series, or as individual modules that help with one specific area of study.


What we do


After you have made an enquiry with Software Gold, we make an appointment to come and visit you (during which time, we always ensure that an adult is present) to find out a little bit more about your learner. We will carry out a few different tests; not to find out about your learner’s strength in a subject, but to find out about how they learn best. There are a range of different learning styles that students have, and by finding out which one suits you the best, we can begin to find a method of teaching that works best for the learner. Visit websites for more intresting information.


Software Gold recognise how difficult it can be for teachers and students to learn within a classroom. When you are sat on a table with peers, it can be difficult to concentrate – especially if you are being distracted. Furthermore, when you have a series of different lessons in a day, transferring yourself to different ones every hour makes it difficult to switch your methods of thinking to the different requirements.


1-2-1 tuition provides the perfect solution. Teaching can be tailored to your needs – focused on the areas of education that the student needs specific assistance with.


Teaching styles


For teachers too, classroom teaching can be equally problematic. It is extremely difficult to teach a class which have a variety of learners, with different styles of learning. Just like students learn best in different ways, teachers also have different methods of teaching, and some are more suited to a certain type of learner than others. Once more, Software Gold provide the solution. We match pupil learning styles to tutors who are best placed to accommodate their needs, meaning that the student we assign you will suit your style of teaching.


If you are looking to tutor a student, or are searching for some extra tuition for yourself or a learner, look no further than Software Gold. Contact us today to arrange a consultation, after which, you will be under no obligation to sign up to our service.